Sunday, 21 October 2012

Turn One of The Battle on The Plain Of Crows

The two Dwarven armies stood across the Plain of Crows staring each other down.  The air was still.  All was quiet.

  "This can still be stopped," thought Lord Asgard.

All of a sudden he begins to sing:

                                "When I first felt the pride of a beard on my chin..."

His beautiful bass voice carries across, and up and down the Plain of Crows.  Every Dwarf knows this song.  Every Dwarf knows that it is, "I Am A Dwarf", the first song from the immortal Song Cycle, "Songs of My Ancestors".  Every single Dwarf on this field of battle instantly remembers the first time he felt his own beard ... and with that first stroke, how he felt the first flush of belonging to the great Fraternity of Dwarves.

                                "When I first knew the love of my Clan and my Kin..."

Without hesitation, all of the Dwarves of Asgard's army raise their voices, voices shaking and surging with emotion, and join this song of what it really means to be a Dwarf...

And they begin to march.

Every single unit moves forward three inches in the first movement phase.

There is no shooting.   But the song continues:
                                   "I am a Dwarf.   I am a Dwarf.  I AM A DWARF..."

In the Reserves phase, the unit of Crossbows (rather, the unit that counts as crossbow) performs a simple manoeuvre and forms itself into an Archer Wedge.

The Spear unit wheels slightly towards the left and moves three inches. 

All other units move straight forward three inches.

In the Magic Phase, the Wizard Grendir Bagotrix remembers Lord Asgard's words to him before the battle:

                                    "You must dazzle them, dear Bagotrix, dazzle them with your power!"

Well, Bagotrix is a Level 10 Wizard and he knows the Battle Magic Spells, Fireball, Flight and Hammerhand.   He has 6 Magic Points.

He uses 3 of them and casts Flight.


                            " Hey!  Hey, Down There.  Behold the Mighty Magik of Me, the Mighty Grendir!!
                               Behold what I can do!!"

And he flys through the air, landing 7 inches in front of the Thunder Mountain Bolt Thrower.

The field as my turn comes to an end...


  1. Man, my wife would go mental if she caught me using a wine glass for warhammer ... but its a really good idea!

    1. Thanks, Gaj. My wonderful wife is super cool about the use of wine-glasses, it is my wearing of her clothes while Warhammering that makes her nervous.

  2. The more I see, the more I really admire your collection of vintage Dwarves. Must have taken some time to assemble that many of the old Grenadier boxed sets...getting seriously nostalgic, here. (also jealous.)

    1. Hi Mouse,

      Thanks. Most of the Grenadier Dwarves go way, way back - a bunch of them were the very first fantasy figures I ever bought. And then over the years the odd lonely dwarf was found and added to the growing muster. But it was during the end of the summer that I lucked into a couple of fantastic ebay auctions which boosted the pre-slotta numbers and began the whole mad rush to get them all painted up and into action. If we want to do a 2000 pointer sometime, the reinforcements are now ready!