Sunday, 7 October 2012

A Dwarf Starts His Tale of Times Gone Past

Snorri Hornhelm couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"These Dwarves", he thought, "these silly, weak-willed Bretonnian Dwarves.  These Brewarves.   I just gotta say something here..."

"Lads, lads.  Look at you!   Drinking, lollygagging, cutting your beards, and droning on about your defeat.  Sure it was shameful.  A bunch of Elves.  And Wood Elves at that.  But Lads, pull yourselves together!  Remember your Ancestors!  Remember when Dwarves were Dwarves!  Remember a time when a Dwarf could stand on his own.  No slottas for our ol' fellas!  Yes, that was a time.  And think a moment of Lord Asgard.  Yes, Lord Asgard.  What a fighter!

A Hero!

A Lover!

Even a Dragon Slayer!

But remember that he was also the mighty Uniter!  Yes Lads, it was he who brought the various clans together after the great sundering of our First Empire.  It was he who brought Clan Grenadier back into the fold.

Yes, it was he who brought our Citadel Grandfathers together again.

And do think he ever dwelt on defeat?  Do you dare think that he ever allowed an Elf to get him down?  No, he had more important things to deal with.  Like Destiny.  Like facing the greatest adversary a Dwarf can face - he had to battle Dwarves...!!!!"

(Hey Mouse, this force works out to 1407 points.  Oops.  But I really want to use it.  Do you mind 1400 points?)


  1. Wonderful pics as ever - love the barber shop!

  2. 1400 is fine. know what? I'm darned if I can find the button that will let me subscribe to your blog...