Saturday, 13 October 2012

Just Outside The Plain Of Crows...

Just outside The Plain of Crows, Lord Asgard addresses his band of followers...

"...Friends, Friends, do you know that there are those that would call me mad?"

A collective gasp from the rapt audience.  Followed by sounds of disbelief and many, "No! No! A thousand times No!"

"Yes, yes, believe it or not my friends, this is what I've heard," continues Asgard, "Mad they call me.  But perhaps I am mad...No, no, great Friends, hear me out.  If it is madness to turn One's life away from Greed and the folly of glittering stones, then I am Mad.   If it is madness to remember the Glories of our once Mighty Empire, then I am Mad.  If it is madness to love my Dwarven Brethren with all of my heart, then I am surely, truly Mad.  Yes.  Yes, if it is madness to believe that all Dwarves can stand together, and to BELIEVE that all Dwarves SHOULD stand together again...stand together Proud, stand together Strong...Stand Together as The Shining Example of All That Is Noble and Good in this Beautiful World of Ours...well, then, by Grungni, I am Mad!   Yes, I am Asgard The Mad!!"

Thunderous, thunderous applause.

Lord Asgard raises his hands to quiet his audience.  It takes several minutes before the applause begins to die away.  "Friends", says Asgard, "we have an Envoy from the great clan of Thunder Mountain...yes, send in the Envoy...

"Brother Envoy, please tell your lords that we come in peace.  That we come in solidarity with your Cause.  Please tell your respected lords that we desire not bloodshed, but brotherhood.  We want Unity, not illwill.  Dear Brother Envoy, tell your honoured lords to Surrender to their better judgement...To Submit to the Truth that beats in their Noble hearts.  Brother Envoy, ask them to join us in Friendship...May we march together, not march at each other...But Brother Envoy, tell your lords that if they deny all reason and desire a fight...that we will give them one.  And, that We Will Win!!"


The roar of the crowd just outside the Plain of Crows is deafening...

(Hey Mouse, here is my version of table.)

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