Friday, 2 November 2012

Turn 3: Battle on The Plain Of Crows

Please see Mouse's Turn 2.

The battlefield at the end of turn 2.

As Lord Asgard rushes his unit to shore up The Grenadier Counts As Crossbow company, he hears the sickening sound of a ballista bolt piercing through shield and armour.   He turns to see one of  Ballin's troops down and then a second taking the remaining force of the bolt.  "Long Live Dwarves!",  the dying Dwarf shouts, "May We Always Stand Together!"

"What a Hero!", thinks Asgard, "I have an Army of Heroes!!"

Movement - Lord Asgard's unit pivots on the Standard Bearer figure while the far right warrior wheels forward 3 inches. 

The Crossbow unit stays where it is.

All other units move forward 3inches.

Shooting - The Crossbow Wedge fires at the Centre enemy unit and scores 4 hits, three of them wounds.

Reserves - The Speardwarves and the Crossbows do not move.  Everyone else now moves up 3 inches towards the Thunder Mount line.   The Skirmisher Crossbow unit now has a clear Line Of Sight to the Bolt Thrower.

Asgard's unit is 16inches from the front right warrior to my table edge. 

The Spear unit is 23 inches from the front right warrior to my table edge.

The now 10 strong Citadel Hand Weapon and Shield unit is 25 inches from the front right warrior to my table edge.

And the Grenadier Hand Weapon unit with no Standard is 26 inches from my table edge to the front right warrior. 

As Lord Asgard now marches his unit towards the enemy line, he catches a glimpse of something gleaming.  It is the unmistakable gleam and glow of Magic enhanced weapons and armour.   The gleam is blinding.  "Great Grungni!", exclaims Asgard, "Is that their General?!  He's got more Magic Items than an Elf!!" 

Asgard spats on the ground in disgust.

"Coward!", curses Mighty Lord Asgard, "If  Dwarves must fight, then let us fight like real Dwarves!!"

And he spats on the ground again.


  1. "Long Live Dwarves!", the dying Dwarf shouts, "May We Always Stand Together!"


    Needless to say I'm rooting for the Dwarves...

  2. Hey, thanks Thantsants! I hope that means the "Good" Dwarves. I have the feeling that those other guys have been hanging around Chaos or something. Have you seen their dogs?

  3. Hey, P.W.! Sorry I've been away for so long. Crazy week. I posted my third turn just now!

    1. Hey Mouse,

      Don't worry. Just checked your post, looks great. I'll be able to have my next turn up by late Monday night. Great game so far!