Thursday, 29 November 2012

Turn 5

Mouse's action-packed Turn 4 is here.

Lord Asgard sees the Thunder Mount Dwarves charging towards his unit.  The enemy's gleaming General still has his glowing armour on and still has his weapon...Wait...he doesn't have his weapon...he's throwing it!...HE'S THROWING HIS AXE AT LORD ASGARD!!!!!!!  Asgard stands taller and waves his bare fists, "HONOUR IS EVERYTHING!", Asgard shouts, and WHAM!!, the thrown axe hits Asgard smack hard in the head.   Just at that moment Asgard suddenly has a vision:


Yes, a vision, a revelation that strikes just as hard, no, harder then any ol'Magic Axe - "Dwarves in the Future will band together as brothers..."

The flush of Destiny fills Asgard.  "If I fall today," thinks Asgard, "I will rise again." 

 He arms stretch out and form a T. 

But then he shakes himself. 

"But no!", he thinks, "But NO!", he shouts, "I Will Not Fall Today!!"  And he quickly bends down and picks up his battleaxe. 

Unfortunately, he is still naked.

My table at the end of Mouse's Turn 4:


Movement - Before I do anything I roll a S test for Ballin's unit because of the Wind Blast.  I love this spell and I find it very Classic Warhammer.  I roll a 7 on a D10, and Ballin's unit can't do anything.  Alright!

The Grenadier Speardwarves have two choices for a charge:  either a flank charge (that is on the edge of possible) on Lord Thorrir's unit which is in combat with Asgard, or a frontal charge against the Wizard Ol' Hamm's unit.  I take a GM decision.  (The GM is The Mighty D6.)  The GM decides that the Spears must declare a charge on Ol'Hamm's unit.  Afterall, and doubly so, the charge MUST be made against Ol'Hamm's unit because it was HE who killed Grendir Bagotrix, the Speardwarves great kin (see Mouse's Turn 1).  The Speardwarves charge Ol' Hamm's unit.


I measure, and yes, they can reach.  But wait!   The Poxy Wind Blast spell!!!  When the Speardwarves align themselves they cross the Wind Blast and... I roll another D10, I pass, but they now move at only half speed and FAIL THEIR CHARGE!!!!  AHHH!!  How I hate the Wind Blast spell!!! 

The Grenadier Handweapon unit moves forward 3 inches.

The two Missile units do not move.


The skirmishers shoot at the Bolt Thrower crew and score two wounds. 

The Crossbow Wedge fire at the Spears approaching them and have five shots hit and three wound.


You go first, Mouse...

WHACK! The enemy General hits Asgard hard.  Asgard sees stars, space... Dwarves in Space, he sees his future self as a Space Dwarf...

And then...and then he swings his battleaxe, "For The Love Of All That is Good!"...he shouts as his Battleaxe hits home 3 times (3, 5,5,6)!! and wounds three times!!!! (4,5,6) (D20's rock)!  HUZZAH!!

Four other of Asgard's dwarves now roll.  Two hit and one wounds. 

Hey Mouse, I'm going to put my Reserves move up too while the rest of your guys fight back.

Reserves -

The Grenadier Hand Weapon unit is the only one that can Reserve Move.  And they Wheel 3inches pivoting on the right corner warrior.

Combat Results:  Asgard's unit loses the combat by 2 (extra rank and follow-up) and is pushed 2 inches back again.

At the end of my turn, it looks like this:


  1. My rolls:

    Bolt thrower crew saves a 3 and a saves.

    crossbows vs. spears saves: 2 3's and 1 2. no saves. Arrgh! 3 Red Dragons down.

    Thorrir's rolls to hit Asgard: 3,4,5,6. 1 hit.
    Thorrir's roll to wound: 6. 1 wound on Asgard.

    I'll just do Floi Haybeard's attacks now, since I don't think the sequence makes a difference...

    Floi Haybeard's attacks: 3 ones. Amazing. Floi must have been thinking about his girlfriend's lush, beautiful beard or something.
    Pretty crappy round of rolls, overall. Your turn!

    1. Alright, looks like Asgard still has a chance...

  2. hey...didn't your spearmen charge Ol' Hamm's Skull poppers?

  3. oh, wait. I remember. The WB spell... Were they ableto move at all? I'll leave them where they were for now....let me know...

    1. Yes, they charged but then were pushed back by the Wind Blast Spell making them fail the charge, but they still were able to move up 3inches.

  4. Roll for Thorrir's saves...He has mithril heavy armor and shield, so I think he can shrug off anything but a 1. He rolls...
    a 4 a 5 and a 6, so I'm positive he's ok.
    The wounded dwarf trooper rolls a 3. not good enough. he goes down. I have 2 dwarf troopers who can fight. They roll a 1 and a 5 to hit, and the guy who hit rolls a 6 to wound. So you need to make 1 save at -1 modifier.

    1. Not that it matters for this turn, thanks to your rolls, but wouldn't Thorrir be saving on a 3up against Asgard's battleaxe (great weapon)?

      I roll a 1 for my warrior and down he goes.

    2. ...hrmmm...assumed Asgard's weapon was a hand weapon, not a great weapon, so you are right...