Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Taking the Old out of Oldhammer

One of the most knowledgeable and excited collectors of classic Citadel miniatures, that I have the honour of knowing, is only 11 years old!  Happily, every so often he brings round his latest treasure to show The Kid and I.  Today was one of those times.  From out of his violin case came...

Ostrich Man, Aardvark Partha - Wizard, Aggressive Aardvark Advancing with Sword, and Jack O' Bear!!

Amazing miniatures!  It was so nice to finally see Ostrich Man in the flesh, or rather, in the lead.  And I'm embarrassed to admit, but I never even knew of the Aardvark minis until today.   O, to stat out an Aardvark army for a game of 1st edition Warhammer! 

Speaking of games, we did manage a quick one that saw the return of Ulysses!

That Ulysses.  Always up to no good.  This time he was recruiting some new gang members on a feral world when he was jumped on by an Imperial patrol.

Who were about to attacked themselves by a band of Orcs and Goblins.

As the Guardsmen started to fall, Ulysses persuaded the survivors to join him.

All but one did.

Together, the remaining Guardsmen and the Ulysses gang charged the Orcs.

I will spare my sensitive readers the final moments of carnage that followed, and instead end with one more picture of the wonderful Ostrich Man.


  1. Sigh, I used to have all these figures (including a unit of 10 Jack o Lanterns) and a Scottish aardvark too...all gone in the late 80's "I'm never going to do Fantasy gaming again" clearout.

    1. Yikes, Springinsfeld, I empathize with your sigh over clearouts - "never again" is the mantra I have whenever I am hit with a mad thought of getting rid of anything. And that sounds like quite the amazing collection you had - a whole unit of the Jack o Guys would be very cool to see on the tabletop, especially if led by a Scottish Aardvark! Thanks for stoppoing by!

    2. Ooops, should read: Thanks for stopping by! Not "stoppoing by" Although, Springinsfeld you are of course always welcome to StopPoing around here if you want. : - )

  2. Well, here's quite a lesson from a young one !

    I almost had a tear falling to see Ulysses again !

    1. Hey Mr. ALMan,

      You're right, I am constantly blown away by all the facts that he knows and the fresh way of looking at classic miniatures that he has. A couple times he has corrected me when I have mistakenly called a mini something else than what it appears in the Stuff of Legends. Also, one day (if I have his permission) I should do a post on some of his amazing and inspired conversions.

      And nice to read that you were moved by seeing Ulysses again, Mr. ALMan! He does seem to have that effect on people. I think that is one of the ways he is able to keep his various gangs together. Hopefully more adventures with Ulysses sometime soonish. Although Lord Asgard has been bugging me to get back on the blog as well...

  3. Awesome! Great to see kids liking the old stuff. Dig those Aadrvarks. I well remember discovering Cerebus in the midst of the 80s Independant comics renaissance and these are very nice likenesses of him.

    1. Hey Mouse,

      Very cool, I thought that Aardvark looked familiar! Nice connection! I want to find those comicbooks again. The few I remember seemed really trippy at the time. It would be interesting to return to them now.