Friday, 17 April 2015

Hey, Don't Have To Paint This...

There are times when all one can think of is Panzer Leader...

What a game!  And such a beautiful box!  The colours, the design, everything is so brilliant!

And how can anyone resist this write-up?

The rules and the scenario pack...

The moveable boards in my favourite configuration.

The Combat Results Table.

King Tigers over-running Stuarts!

The Stuarts get their revenge!

And the wonderful smell of Avalon Hill!

I love these games!


  1. Wait a don't have to paint anything? All this time I've been playing games where I'm expected to paint stuff and I now I find out painted pieces were optional? What the...
    It's been a long time since I played Panzer blitz/panzer leader, but I remember them fondly...the same way I remember Ogre, NATO, etc.
    Hey apparently there is this thing that happens near you called Enfilade. I've been invited to go by a Guard Friend. Did you have any plans regarding same?

    1. Hey Mouse,

      I know, isn't that a wacky concept - you can play a great game without several months of painting time to prepare for it! I'm thinking one day of starting an "UNPAINTED BLOG" that will feature nothing but games and excitement with unpainted miniatures! ie, lots of Airfix/Matchbox as well as the standard old lead stuff, all without a drop of paint on them.
      Hey, glad to hear that you were a fond player of Panzer Blitz family of games! And Ogre. But I have never played or even heard of the NATO one?
      As for Enfilade, that's cool that you are going. I know of it and I think an old gaming mate of mine will be running a game there, but I didn't have any plans of going to it. Although it would be nice to meet up sometime and share a table!