Sunday, 12 April 2015

A Tzeentchian Sunday With Wood Elves

Warhammer fun with The Kid earlier this afternoon.  A mishmash of 7th Edition Special Characters, 3rd Ed. Wood Elf stats and selection, with 4th Ed. magic cards using 6th edition casting rules.   Seemed to fit with the Tzeentchian theme of  the game. 

    Kairos Fateweaver, the Oracle of Tzeentch, sweet-talks Thuril Elf Stone and his fun-loving band of Wood Elves into the deserts of Araby... 

"Oh", says Thuril Elf Stone, "I will never listen to another Sweet-Talking Two-Headed Tzeentchian Trickster ever again!"


  1. Yikes, that's a lot of demons! Your Elves look great! Must be nice to be playing Dad -and-kidhammer!

  2. Hey Mouse,

    Thanks! Dad and kidhammer is great, especially when one is able to throw in any kind of game-play and improv into the mix. And pretty soon you will be enjoying it too!

  3. Great stuff private,
    I'm envious of you lead collection, the elven cavalry, wardancers and tzeentchian flamers are all awesome and are on my collection list.
    Of course the coolest part is playing with the next generation of wargamers, very cool.

    1. Hey 24_Cigs,

      Thanks for the nice comment! I love Elves almost as much as I love Dwarves and Chaos. Especially Jes' Elves. Definitely should be part of any warhammer freak's collection! And yeah, but the next generation keeps winning all the time! Thanks for popping by.