Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Holidays Are For Gaming - Chaos Dwarves vs. Orcs

Fifth Edition Warhammer fun with The Kid this afternoon. 

Shy Giants wave good-bye...


  1. Grand photos (as always)! I think my favourite is the first with that very old skool orc and the tower. Beautiful work on that scenery.
    You've got some real gems in your unit of orc boyz. Nice to see them getting some exercise.

    1. Hi Matthew,

      Thanks for the nice comment! The Orcs were very happy to be getting some fresh air. I think some of them are still loudly rolling about in the grass.

      Thanks too about the scenary, although the two towers and the three grey cottages are all pre-painted pieces (I can't think of the company at the moment, but they do a lot of wonderful scenary pieces, all tabletop ready). The other buildings are from Gripping Beast - really great for Dark Age and Fantasy games! And hey, my Dwarves still want a rescue mission!

  2. Mine is the third down - four gribblies from four different manufacturers if I'm not mistaken - Citadel Orc, Bob Olley Ogre and I'm not sure of the other two? Love the ramshackle, Orcy horde vibe you've created there!

    I'm also liking the idea of playing al fresco - maybe when we've moved to the countryside and got a nicer garden that isn't so overlooked...

    1. Hey Thantsants,

      Nice to have you pop by! And thanks, I love that picture too. The Kid was playing the Orcs and had put the units together and I thought his combination of figs rocked! Felt very LOTR. And you are right about the two Orcs, the other ones are both old Alternative Armies Orcs. I am not sure if they are available anymore. I wish their whole original Fantasy line was back in production - there were many fantastic minis to be had!

      Yes, playing Warhammer outside is a joy, it also makes it a lot easier to photograph as well.