Wednesday, 13 May 2015

A Clash Of Scales On Xarl Mark IV

July 2, 2173

   Old Private Dmitri Donovitch MacDonald never bothered to wonder about the big picture.   It never occurred to him to ask why everything on his planet looked like late 20th century Earth.   He simply accepted the wisdom and the good of Authority Control.  Afterall, They knew best.  And he was certainly not going to question Those that attributed the rise of Neo-Gnomevietism to the poor urban-planning of the previous regime.  No.  Old Private Dmitri Donovitch MacDonald had a job to do - get to the Ministry of Records before the Gnomes! 

'Cause here comes the Gnomes!

The Private sees his platoon deploy.

And draw first blood.

Though the Gnomes strike back hard.

He ignores it and runs to the Ministry. 

There are rumours that if a Gnome defeats you in Close Combat you will turn into a Gnome Cowboy!

It simply can not be true!

Remember the mission!  Stay Focussed!


Corporal Angus Raskolnikov just turned into a Gnome Cowboy!  (Oh why did he do it?)

Old Private Dmitri Donovich MacDonald "buys the farm".

The Gnomes seize The Ministry of Records!

Will life on Xarl Mark IV ever be the same again?
These wonderful figs are 15mm Peter Pig and 20mm Liberation Miniatures. Vehicles by Britannia, Matchbox and Hot Wheels.  

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