Thursday, 11 April 2013

The Ulysses Gang is Coming...

It all started with an, "Oi!, give us some action..."

Ulysses, the specially enhanced Space Marine geneseed that went wrong.   Currently Wanted on more planets than most people can even name.

Finnegan, Ulysses' loyal bodyguard and confidant.

The Mysterious Man from Gamma Gamma 4.  Some even call him a Hero.

On the run from The Corporation's determined extermination of the magnificent Squat Liberation Army, the colourful Captain Karzac.

And Reese McGee, always the first on the scene.  Ulysses' trusted pointman.

There are more, but they will be met in the next exciting online game with Mouse of the great Tales From The Big Board.    Stay tuned...


  1. Aha - Mouse and Private W. do Rogue Trader - this'll be a treat!

    A motley looking bunch indeed - I now have this theme tune in my head!

    This one would fit the character of the gang better though!

    1. Hi Thantsants,

      Thanks! Oddly enough 2nd edition is what I'm craving at the moment and Mouse has graciously agreed to throw down with it.

      I like your theme songs! I had never heard of the Ulysses 31 show before. I want to see more. It also makes me want to watch some Thundarr The Barbarian too!

  2. Yessssss....

    Sitting down to start writing up the scenario and the background for me lads, etc. right now! Hopefully I can get something posted tonight! Great looking bunch of desperadoes you've got here!

    1. Thanks Mouse, they're all looking forward to our game!

  3. Dang! I'm gonna have trouble coming up with figures that can represent some of your gangers, here! I will be fine with the pirates, punks and Eldar, but I have no Space Ogres, Zoat, Space Beast Man or Space Squats! I will go rooting through the lead mountain and see what I can find...