Monday, 15 April 2013

A Table For Mouse

Hey, Hey Mouse,

  Here is my take on the table.  I've added a couple of things just for a touch of cover, and because I must always have lichen! 


  1. Cool, shrubbery! I will fetch some shrubbery. When I have returned with the shrubbery, I will post a new pic. One thing concerns me. I think our lads should set up in the empty corners of the board so nobody starts out with the clear advantage of being near the farmhouse. Did you want to tinker with victory conditions or anything like that? Also, have you got a shot of all your guys together so I can start picking out minis to represent them? Talk to ya tonight!

  2. Hey Mouse,

    There is a shot of the gang all together in my last post. That is the Ulysses gang! I have to do a couple hours of work tonight, but hopefully later on, I'll post up the stats for the gang. As for victory conditions, I'm just down with both of us having a blast and having our little lead friends blast away at each other. Perhaps, whoever is the last one standing/and or has the stash can claim victory. And yes, the empty corners for our initial set-ups I think is the way to go too. Talk soon.

  3. Added some pics of my finished board...