Friday, 8 March 2013

Hey, what does this button do?

ah, blogging is such a funny addiction...

Visited my blog yesterday and found I now have a browse option again!?!  Not sure what had happened, but I'm gonna dump a bunch of pictures on here before it disappears..

Elf on Elf Action

Warhammer Mash-up.  I thought it would be fun to play a 3rd edition Wood Elf army using 3rd ed. rules against a 6th/7th ed. Wood Elf army using the rules from 6th and 7th. 

It was a disaster.

Dark Elves Invade Rome

This time a mix of Third Edition Fantasy and the original WAB.   Outstanding game.  And it seemed to prove that two people could indeed play a shared game using two different  rulesets.  (I know this is utter wank, but I love this kind of stuff.)

The Major's Wonderful Dark Elves. 

Poor Rome.

Tax Evasion on Tatooine

The Imperial Collection Agency.

Isn't Income Tax a choice?

A fantastic D20 game with The Kid.


  1. An eclectic bunch of games - looks like fun mashing up the rules!

    1. Hi Thantsants,

      Yes, mash-ups are fun, but I learned that it is best to prep your opponent ahead of time! That was one of the reasons for the Elf on Elf game failing. Oh well, must try it again sometime - I love the look of Elves of different eras/editions facing off against one another!

  2. Hey, welcome back! Glad to see you banished the Gremlins...for now, at least...

    1. Hey Mouse,

      Thank you! It is nice to be back! I had really started to miss the whole blogging world. As for what went wrong, I still don't know and I am a little apprehensive of it happening again. I'm just going to enjoy it while I can. And hey, I see that there has been a lot of Realm of Chaos stuff going on recently, how would you feel about another blog-bash, this time Chaos Warband style?

  3. Welcome back, Private! The internet has been a little empty without your fascinating rules mashups!

    1. Hi Gaj!

      Thank you, Gaj! Hopefully there will be a couple of things of interest here over the next little while...

      And I'm looking forward to following your campaign with Andre.