Friday, 29 March 2013

A Big Shout Out and Thank you!

Hey, I just want to give a big Shout Out and Thank You to a bunch of great blogs that I spend a lot of happy time on:  Tales from the Big Board, Somewhere the tea's getting cold, Erny's Place, Broadswords and Beasts, Level 2, Blue's Marauding Miniatures, Mr. Saturday's Mumblings, The Realm of Zhu, Tales from the Maelstrom, Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog, Oldhammer Generals, The Border Princes, MC Monkey-Dew's Miniatures Games, Nico's Realms of Chaos, I paint therefore I am, Warlord Paul (congrats on your new opponent!), Jon's Wargames Minis, Eldritch Epistles, Fawcett Avenue Conscripts, Vintage Kenner Star Wars Toys, Old Orcs Never Die, Nathan "Ironworker" Miller's Miniature Games, Halfling House, Land War In Asia, Dear Tony Blair, Mik's Minis, Oldhammer, Phreedh's Miniature Stuff, The Angry Lurker, Chris's Gaming Journal, The Masterwork Guild, Mebland, Warhammer the Second, Drums in The Deep,  Ye Olde Skool Warhammer, The Ramshackle Fort,  Coldwar Gamer, Interbellum, Hurry Up and Wait!, Daddy's Little Men, Doctor Merkury's Lab, Javier at War, Geektactica, Brummie's Wargaming Blog, Rogue Heresy, Old School Workshop, Tales From Farpoint, Morval Earth, and of course, Orylgg's Realm of Chaos:  An 80's Warhammer Enthusiast Blog, and General Gaj's mighty Warhammer for Adults. 

Thanks guys!

P.S. - Check them all out!


  1. You're welcome, I am enjoying your blogs too!

  2. Glad to be of service and ditto!

  3. Hey guys, you and your sites Rock!