Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Considering The Dangers of the Geek Dad Part One

Yesterday afternoon I GMed a modified 40k game between my 8 year old son and his 9 year old friend.   There was much laughing, hopping, shouting and screaming, and of course, a few suppressed tears.  Much like any good game between adults. 

Although, despite all of this, I couldn't help but feel slightly irresponsible.  I mean, shouldn't I be encouraging hockey or football or someother socially acceptable male activity?  And is it right to be answering questions about Rogue Trader, and talking about ebay, with an impressionable nine year old?   Especially knowing of the potential joyful madness that awaits such a journey?

And what about the dangers of the collecting mania??



  1. I don't think its irresponsible at all - bravo for your efforts!

    There's a lot to be gained from wargaming apart from the basic enjoyment of collecting, painting and gaming.

    I think good parenting should also involve exposing kids to other interests as well - possibly the more "normal" ones you mention, although I don't personally regard football (UK version) as being socially acceptable because of the attitudes and behaviour it appears to encourage in kids, overly competitive parents an arrogant/ignorant professional players.

    Sorry got waylaid there - rant on football over!

    The aim of good parenting I think is to provide kids with opportunities to try stuff out that will turn them into a well rounded, sociable and happy individual - wargaming ticks a lot of those boxes as long as it isn't taken to the extreme of obsessive geekdom at the expense of social skills that would make growing up and the teenage years a happier experience.

    Mind you - in the long run aren't the geeks set to inherit the earth... ;)

  2. Yes, Thantsants! Very well said! I agree completely. And when I am in doubt I just watch the beautiful Father and Son moment at the beginning of the first Conan movie..."the Secret of Steel, son..."