Friday, 4 January 2013


Hello.  Blogger will not let me access pictures from my computer!!!!  And this is incredibly frustrating!!!  GRRR!!!   As of Jan.1 Blogger is telling me that it is now only allowing pictures from a mobile phone (which I do not have or want), a web album (no thanks) or my blog (huh?!!?).  If any one can offer any help it would be MUCH appreciated.  I have classic Dark Elves battling Romans and Stormtroopers trying to collect taxes from Tatooine Deadbeats ready to post but NOOOOO!!!  Nothing is happening!!!! 

                                                                      Much Thanks,

                                                                                   Private Wierd

P.S. - Happy New Year!


  1. It's not blocking me from posting photos from my computer. Glitch appears to be only affecting you. Maybe it's a Canadian thing?

  2. Haven't seen you post anything for awhile. Does that mean that you were never able to solve the problem? I think I now have enough Space Pirates, Old School Imperial Guard and Orks to play a Rogue Trader game against your guys, assuming you can get the blog up and running again. Just got to get em painted.

    1. Hey, hey Mouse,

      No. I haven't been able to solve this problem, and I was a little surprised that no one was able to offer any input about this...but, that's okay, the enforced cold turkey from picture posting has actually been alright and is making me think that I am gonna hop off the blogging train for a while.

      That's great about your Rogue Trader guys. I look forward to seeing them all painted up. And Mouse, your last batch of Chaos Warriors looked wonderful, nice mix of figs too!

      Take Care,

      private w.