Friday, 31 August 2012

The Battle of Page 11 (Sort of)

Another one of my favourite photos in the 3rd Edition rulebook is the top one on page 11.   I just want to walk into that room and hang out.  "Hey Rick, hey Bry, fancy a game?"  Instead,  Prof. Elf came over and we went to Northern Bretonnia.

It seems that after the massacre of the "Elven Elites Protect Their General", the remaining 3rd edition Elves were screaming for vengence!  An Elven Jihad was declared.  No one would be spared!!  A great Elven array is mustered, and then marched off in the direction of the Chaos Wastes.  Unfortunately, Bretonnia is between Loren and the Chaos Wastes. 

The lookouts on the southern turret were the first to see the Elven army forming in the field across from them. 

They immediately reported this to the Knights of Keep.   Within moments, all of the Knights were in a complete panic.  Grail Knights were seen discarding their armour and donning women's clothing.   Many were trampled in the mad rush to escape.  Soon there wasn't a Knight left in the castle, or even the whole town.  It was up to the People of Bretonnia to set things right.  Again.

Fortunately, a large Dwarf population also lived in the town.  And they were not about to let any pouncy Elves ruin their day.

Unfortunately, the Elves did.

A fantastic and fun game.  It was nice to be playing with the Prof. again.  And I thank him for indulging me in this game instead of continuing on to the next match of our long-delayed Empire/Lizard series. 



  1. Well the Elves had to save face somehow and I suppose at least one of them was riding an Orc War Wyvern to link them in to p11!

    Looks like you had a blast and the table looks a treat. Love those atmospheric shots from the battlements too.

    When are you going to do the battle of the Front Cover? ;)

  2. Hey Thantsants, thank you for your comment and for making the Wyvern connection! Although Prince Wahoo, who had slayed the Orc who had previously rode it, firmly declares that that Wyvern looks much more Elven than Orc anyway.

    Oh yes, I hope one day to do the Front Cover Battle. I had just recently won the Chaos Goblins that grace the cover - gotta paint them up and find a good Sigmar. But there is a long line of pre-slotta Dwarves waiting for paint ahead of them.

  3. Well that'll be something to look forward to. There might be a Sigmar stand-in in the Heroic Fighters of the Known World set - guy with the hammer?

    Gotta love those old-preslotta sculpts too!