Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Continuing on his way to Bretonnia...

Continuing on his way to Bretonnia, The Wizard What's-His-Name befriends an ex-paladin by the name of Bernard D'Bernard.  Bernard D'Bernard tells how he left the Grail Knights of Bretonnia in a fit of disgust and disillusionment.  "I will never ride a horse again!", he says. 

As the two friends stop by a stream to refresh themselves, A BUNCH OF SAVAGE ORCS RUN OUT OF THE WOODS!

The Orc Chieftain (a level 15 hero) charges Bernard.

But Bernard strikes first and hard.  (He is a level 25 character with an enchanted sword which gives him an extra attack.) Despite this, it still takes him two rounds of combat to finish off the Orc Chief.

Upset at the loss of their leader, the rest of the Savage Orcs finally work themselves up into a frenzy and charge Bernard.  I forgot how frustrating frenzy can be in 3rd.   But it is nice when it works.

Meanwhile, What's-His-Name tosses off a few fireballs and tries to hide from the two Orc archers who keep hitting him.

Bernard charges the remaining Boyz.

The two new friends continue down the road...

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