Thursday, 16 August 2012

Part II of "Elven Elites Protect Their General"

Thuril Elf Stone was well known for his restraint (and penetrating stare).

He let the Chaos forces get closer.  And closer.  He could feel the nervous tension of his troops nearing the breaking point.  Finally, in his most beautiful singsong voice, he whispered, "Now!"   At once two of the Shapershifters burst forward from the Jes Kinband.  One changed into a bear.  The other a wolf.  (There was a third one, but for some reason he preferred to stay in the ranks of his kinband.)   The bear charged the Chaos dwarf bazuka which immediately fired.

But the shot went wild and ended up landing on, and taking out the Chaos Wizard, Hess Poison Breath.  (There was no, "Look Out, Sir!", for poor Hess - the Chaos Thug unit behind him were too busy laughing.)

Elsewhere, arrows flew and Wardancers charged.  Thuril cast the Change Allegiance spell on Garthor, the level 10 Dragon Ogre hero.   But Garthor was happy being part of the close-knit Chaos gang, and shrugged off the spell and proceeded to tear apart some Wardancers.  The Centaurs too were finding out that 3rd edition Wardancers, although they look so pretty, are nothing to worry about. 

On the other side of the battlefield, Chaos Dwarf beserkers led the charge into Skarloc's famous unit.  Several of the corrupted dwarves fell to arrows, but none fell to the Elven swords.  Especially Skarloc's!  They began to push the Elves back.  The Chaos Warriors and the Minotaurs also easily pushed back the Marauder Archers.  The only success for the Elves was the Jes Kinband against the Thug unit.  Soon the Bear also joined that combat after dispatching the Chaos Dwarf Bazuka crew. 

Here we see Kaer, the level 10 hero who was hanging with the Elven Elites, running before the dreaded second hack. 

The Marauder Elves break and do not even get to experience the second free hack - the first does them all in.

The Minotuars charge into Thuril.  Thuril had cast Hammerhand on himself and bests one of the brutes.

The battle nearing the endgame.

The Chaos Dwarves finally break Skarloc's crew.  At this point I thought it would be fun to change the Chaos Dwarf' unit's attribute into Long Legs.   Afterall, these kind of instant Chaos mutuations happen all the time, don't they?   Skarloc's last words were, "I can't believe this is happening!"

In the end, a clear win for Chaos.  

(Someone muttered, "Elven Elites...paf!")


  1. And those Elven ranks looked so poised and ready...

    Ah well, poncy gits anyway!

    You have got a right nice collection there by the way.

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  2. Hi Thantsants, thank you. I think I would easily trade mine for yours any old day! (Especially for your amazing Slann.)

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