Sunday, 23 November 2014

O, that Princess...

The Princess has forsaken the Rebellion!!?!

She has been offered, and has taken(!!), a seat of Imperial office!  Rumour has it that she rules from an imposing Imperial tower on Fargon(e) VII.

She must be "rescued" and brought to her senses!

"Sir, Rebels approaching!"

General Solo leads the Rebel right flank forward into action.

Y-Wings bomb the Imperial positions.

Night suddenly falls.   Days are short this time of year on Fargon(e) VII.   But this has been factored into the Rebel plan.  The ground assault has begun!

General Solo captures an AT-ST.

And turns it on its former owners.

Not to be outdone, General Skywalker zooms around the Imperial installation,

lands his Speeder, captures an E-Web Cannon, and turns it on its former owners too!

Meanwhile, a pointblank firefight rages on.

But where's the Princess?!



  1. Replies
    1. Hey Mouse,

      Thanks! Star Wars all the time, man! Looking forward to seeing your Wookies.

  2. I used styrofoam for my imperial installations too when I was young. This takes me back. Well done

    1. Hi there 24_Cigarettes,

      Thanks for your comment! Styrofoam truly is the official Imperial building material, isn't it? I really enjoyed watching my son put the tower together. Although a couple times I had to stop myself from jumping in and re-arranging it - but I'm glad I didn't. Styrofoam rules!