Thursday, 20 September 2012

The Ogres Cross Into Bretonnia

It's not all song and dance being a mercenary.  Just ask Hrothyogg The Great.

He'll tell you that a good mercenary is always on the lookout for the next gig.   Luckily, Hrothyogg is very good at getting gigs.  Truth is, he's got great ears.  When he heard about what was going on in Bretonnia, he got his lads a-movin'. 

"Oi", says Skragg, "it sure is bright in Bretonnia".


  1. Misunderstood - priceless!

    He just needs a tatt on his shoulder saying "My Mummy never loved me"

    That's quite a column of ogres by the way.

  2. Hi Thansants, thank you. But actually these poor friendly Ogres are terribly misunderstood. In 2005 or 04 (whenever that horrible, horrible Ogre Kingdom book came out) I took them (that column is part of an army of Nice Boys) down to the local GW store for a game to try out the new list. One of the new employees came up to me while I was setting up my Ogres and told me that I could only play in the store if I was using GW models!!
    Imagine the hurt feelings!

    As for the tatt, it is under their armour.

  3. Woops, Sorry Thantsants, I just noticed I left out the 2nd "t" in your tag.

  4. What a disgrace!

    Was the banner a response to this terrible slur?

    Oh and I agree the Ogre Kingdom stuff is rubbish.

    1. Yes, and because these are Ogres of refined sensibililties (and surprisingly sweet singing voices!).

  5. Ah the sweet airs of the Ogre chorus...